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Registration Date:Mar. 08, 2009
Last Updated:Mar. 08, 2009
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Chemicals category

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JIZHOU ZHONGYI FRP CO., LTD. ( former Hebei Jizhou City Italian glass steel) in 1986, to become China' s first production of filament-wound tank, piping and other fiberglass products professional manufacturers. After 10 years of unremitting efforts, proactive, firm size, skill level, product quality has been a great deal of development. Digestion and absorption in the many years the basis of advanced foreign technology, through collaboration with relevant scientific research departments, the constant deepening of the research, development innovation, have made many technological breakthroughs and innovation, especially in the container tower manufacturing, product design and process the production pipeline installation are in the leading domestic level.
Product specifications: DNl5mm a 10000mm series of pipelines and DNl5000mm following a series of containers. FRP hydrochloric acid tank, FRP acid tank, FRP tank base, FRP pressure tank, FRP trough, FRP reaction tank, FRP tank measurement, FRP tower, FRP scrubbers, FRP pure water, FRP Reactors, FRP tank soy sauce , FRP fermenter, FRP purification tower, FRP pipe, FRP pipe fittings, FRP flue, cooling towers, computer control all kinds of winding machine, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic. Products from the high resin content of corrosion-resistant lining of impermeable layer of filament-wound strengthening layer and the outer surface layers. Resin formulations of the reasonable choice for you to store and transport all kinds of organic and inorganic media, working temperature -50-250  . Pressure 6.4Mpa products generally below, for a higher work pressure, you can design and manufacture through special to achieve. FRP products have pressure, corrosion resistance, light weight, anti-aging properties, the Company for products using a different environment, through rational design of the product with light weight, high strength, impermeable, heat insulation, insulation, non-toxic and surface smooth ( n = O.0084) and other characteristics, can be widely used in petroleum, iron and steel, chemicals, textiles, printing and dyeing, electricity, transport, food brewing, fermentation, synthetic, water supply and drainage, desalination, irrigation and defense industries.
The Company highly skilled, technology-class in product quality and after-sales services always put quality first, customer-orientated approach, taking the lead through the IS09001 certification, to obtain the " no complaints quality advanced unit " and " contracts and keep promise in enterprises " , " Hebei Province, famous brand products " and other honorary titles.
China and Italy all staff is willing to take newer, more refined, more satisfied with the products and services with the user a better future! Web site: http: / / www.hebeifrp.com Network real name: FRP tank pipeline Tower Contact: Wang Qingcheng Tel: 86- 0318-8616732 Fax: 86-0318-8695668 Mobile: 86-13833825476

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